The Gem of Royalty and Symbolism

Name Origin and Meaning

The name "Sapphire" has Greek origins, coming from the word "sappheiros," which means "blue stone." However, it's interesting to note that during ancient times and up until the Middle Ages, this name was often used for another blue stone, lapis lazuli.

It wasn't until around 1800 that it was recognized that Sapphire and Ruby are part of the corundum family, solidifying their distinct identity in the world of gemmology.


Sapphires are found in various parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Africa, Burma, India, and Thailand.

Colour Variations

 Sapphires exhibit a stunning array of colours, with the most famous being blue, yellow, pink, green, and purple. Their diverse palette adds to their allure and versatility.

Hardness and Durability

Sapphires boast exceptional hardness, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale. This high level of hardness makes them exceptionally durable and well-suited for frequent use, including in engagement rings.

Birthstone and Anniversary Gem

Sapphires hold the distinction of being the birthstone for September, making them a cherished gem for those born in this month.

They are also a traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary, symbolizing enduring love and commitment.

Spiritual and Cultural Significance

In medieval Europe, sapphires were worn as talismans for protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight.  Sapphires symbolize power, strength, kindness, and wise judgment.


 Sapphires are not just gemstones; they carry a rich tapestry of history, symbolism, and cultural significance, making them cherished and timeless treasures in the world of gemmology.

Blue Sapphires are extremely popular and symbolize feelings of harmony, friendship, loyalty, understanding, and expressions of love.

Yellow Sapphires are associated with good luck and health.

Pink Sapphires are a symbol of love and, in Asian lore, is compared to the sacred lotus flower, representing beauty, wisdom, and purity.

Introduction: Sapphires, renowned for their vibrant colours and historical significance, are highly sought-after gemstones. These precious gems have been cherished by both jewellery connoisseurs and royalty throughout history.  With their rich history and deep symbolism, sapphires continue to captivate the hearts of gem enthusiasts and those seeking to express profound emotions and sentiments through their timeless beauty.