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Burmese Ruby emerald cut 6.95 x 5.05mm

Burmese Ruby emerald cut 6.95 x 5.05mm

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Our beautiful Burmese Ruby in an elegant emerald cut, measuring 6.95 x 5.05mm and boasting a weight of 1.16ct. Immerse yourself in the lively hues of Raspberry Red that define this exceptional gem. Upon closer inspection under 10x magnification, you'll encounter the characteristic silk lines gracefully weaving through the stone. These are the result of tiny rutile needles within the gem, adding a unique touch to its natural beauty. Without magnification, you may catch a glimpse of a subtle white cloud in the bottom left corner, only visible in specific lighting conditions. These inclusions contribute to the gem's distinct character and play a pivotal role in maintaining its extraordinary value. In the absence of these natural features, the value of this Burmese Ruby would easily double. Yet, thanks to expert cutting, what truly captivates is the consistent, strong coloration and brilliant sparkle that effortlessly draws the eye.

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