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Burmese Ruby emerald cut, measuring 7 x 5mm

Burmese Ruby emerald cut, measuring 7 x 5mm

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Our exquisite Burmese Ruby in a captivating emerald cut, measuring 7 x 5mm and weighing 0.96ct. Immerse yourself in the allure of its deep, captivating Burmese Red – a hue that radiates vibrancy and lustre, making it a standout gem in any collection. With 10x magnification, the gem reveals its genuine character with the presence of delicate silk lines gracefully running through the stone. These lines, caused by tiny rutile needles within the gem, serve as a testament to its authenticity and add a unique touch to its overall beauty. Without magnification, you may notice a subtle white cloud in the top right corner, revealing a hidden nuance that enhances its charm. These inclusions, though visible, contribute to the gem's character, and their absence would double the value of this exceptional Burmese Ruby. Thanks to expert cutting, what truly captivates is the consistent strong coloration and sparkle that effortlessly draw the eye.

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