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Burmese Ruby Round 5.5mm

Burmese Ruby Round 5.5mm

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Our captivating Burmese Ruby in a brilliant round cut, measuring 5.5mm and weighing 0.95ct. Immerse yourself in the deep, intense Red that defines this gem – a hue that radiates brightness and lustre, creating a mesmerizing centrepiece. Under 10x magnification, the gem unveils its authentic beauty, showcasing typical silk lines gracefully running through the stone. These delicate lines, a result of tiny rutile needles within the gem, add a unique signature to your precious stone. Without magnification, catch a subtle glimpse of a silk line in the right light – a distinctive trait that sets your gem apart. Thanks to expert cutting, what you'll notice is the consistent, strong coloration and sparkle that effortlessly draw the eye. This impressive Burmese Ruby is not just a gem; it's a statement piece, promising to be a radiant focal point in any jewellery collection.

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