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Captivating Mozambique Ruby Pear 5 x 3.95mm

Captivating Mozambique Ruby Pear 5 x 3.95mm

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Introducing our captivating Mozambique Ruby, a mesmerizing pear-shaped gem measuring 5 x 3.95mm and weighing 0.38ct. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of its intense Red hue, radiating brightness and lustre to create an enchanting focal point. This gem stands out not only for its remarkable colour but also for its impeccable clarity. Even under ten times magnification, only a faint inclusion is visible on the top left side, showcasing the exceptional quality of this ruby. Meticulously cut by experts, it ensures a consistent display of strong coloration and sparkling allure. Let the allure of this intense Mozambique Ruby speak for itself. It makes a bold statement with its vibrant colour, remarkable clarity, and overall quality. Elevate your collection with this gem – a harmonious blend of intense Red hue, expert craftsmanship, and enduring allure. Beyond being a jewel, it represents sophistication and individuality.

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