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Exquisite Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire Oval 7.8x5.85mm

Exquisite Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire Oval 7.8x5.85mm

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A true gem measuring 7.8x5.85mm and weighing 1.32ct. This Pink Sapphire boasts a deep, rich pink hue, catering to those with an appreciation for opulent and vibrant gemstones. What sets this gem apart is the remarkable value it offers with its generous table size, providing an excellent opportunity for extraordinary pieces of jewellery. The trade-off for this value is a slimmer gem, to offset this we recommend a rub-over setting with a polished back. This technique not only reflects light off the metal, intensifying the stone's luminosity but also cleverly conceals its actual depth. Choosing this Pink Sapphire goes beyond its size and weight; it's about leaving a lasting impression. Elevate your style and embrace the allure of this Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire Oval – a harmonious blend where size meets value and brilliance takes centre stage.

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