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Eye Clean Ruby emerald cut 7.01 x 4.86mm

Eye Clean Ruby emerald cut 7.01 x 4.86mm

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Our captivating Burmese Ruby in an elegant emerald cut, measuring 7.01 x 4.86mm and weighing 1.14ct. Delve into the deep, intense Burmese Red that defines this exquisite gem – a hue that radiates brilliance and lustre, creating a truly remarkable centrepiece. Under the scrutiny of 10x magnification, the gem unveils its authentic beauty, showcasing typical silk lines gracefully running through the stone. These delicate lines, caused by tiny rutile needles within the gem, are a testament to its genuine nature. Remarkably, this superb gem is eye-clean, revealing an intense red hue that captivates the beholder. A unique feature of this treasure is a slight natural cavity on the back, formed as the crystal developed around the base rock. This characteristic, skilfully hidden on the back of the stone, preserves the gem's integrity. Cutting down to a smaller size would have been unthinkable, preserving every facet of this natural treasure.

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