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Montana Blue Sapphire Round 5.5mm

Montana Blue Sapphire Round 5.5mm

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Our Montana Blue Sapphire Round gemstone, measuring 5.5mm and weighing 0.99 carats, is a captivating jewel that exudes a velvety blue hue. This gem showcases eye clean clarity, making it free from any noticeable imperfections to the naked eye. Additionally, it boasts uniform colour saturation without any zoning, resulting in a highly intense and consistent blue hue. What sets this gem apart is its exceptional cut, executed with expert precision. When exposed to light, it dazzles with an impressive display of brilliance, reminiscent of a sparkling star. Whether you envision a piece of jewellery that exudes elegance or seeks a gemstone of undeniable radiance, the Montana Blue Sapphire Round gemstone is poised to fulfil your vision. It serves as a testament to the remarkable beauty that nature can bestow. Harness your creative potential and allow this gem to be the muse for your exceptional creations. It is ready to transform your jewellery aspirations into reality.

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