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Montana Teal Sapphire Oval 6 x 4mm

Montana Teal Sapphire Oval 6 x 4mm

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Dive into the world of Montana Teal Sapphires, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. This little treasure measures 6 x 4mm and weighs 0.73 carats. But what sets Montana Teal Sapphires apart is their absolutely mesmerizing colour. It's like a beautiful mix of blue, green, and yellow, all rolled into one. Now, the magic happens when these gems are cut by true artisans. They're carefully shaped to bring out that wonderful teal shade, and when the light hits them, it's like a mini fireworks show. In other words, these gemstones really know how to sparkle! Our Montana Teal Sapphire Oval isn't just a gem; its your ticket to adding a touch of elegance to your jewellery. Whether you're dreaming up an engagement ring or a pendant that'll turn heads, these gems have got your back.

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