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Montana Teal Sapphire Oval 6.05 x 4.14mm

Montana Teal Sapphire Oval 6.05 x 4.14mm

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Get ready to fall in love with our Montana Teal Sapphire Oval gemstone. It's a real charmer, sized at 6.05 x 4.14mm and weighing a sweet 0.73 carats. The magic of this gem lies in its captivating teal colour, a delightful blend of blue, green, and yellow tones hidden within. Crafted with absolute precision, this Montana Sapphire truly knows how to show off its teal side. What's extra special about it is the way the blue tones take the lead, giving it a rich and vibrant colour that's seriously stunning. Hold this gem up to the light, and you'll be wowed by its shine. Despite its modest size, it's like a little dynamo of lustre, ready to brighten up your day. This gem may be small, but it's mighty and full of charm. Whether you're thinking of creating a unique ring, a pendant, or anything your heart desires, this gemstone will steal the show. It's a reminder that big beauty comes in small packages.

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