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Montana Teal Sapphire Round 4.5mm Gemstone

Montana Teal Sapphire Round 4.5mm Gemstone

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Our Montana Teal Sapphire Round gemstone, with a diameter of 4.5mm and weighing 0.64 carats, is a true marvel of nature. What sets this gem apart is its unique ability to showcase both green and blue hues simultaneously, creating a captivating interplay of colours that is simply mesmerizing. Under varying lighting conditions and viewing angles, one of the colours takes centre stage, revealing a delightful dance of colours across the gem's surface as it moves. The expertly faceted design of this gem enhances this visual spectacle, allowing the colour tones to gracefully sway and twinkle like a dance. Furthermore, this gem boasts a remarkable level of clarity and lustre. Even under 10x magnification, only a slight inclusion can be detected, underscoring the gem's exceptional quality.

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