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Montana Teal Sapphire Round 6mm

Montana Teal Sapphire Round 6mm

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Get ready to be wowed by our Montana Teal Sapphire Round gemstone, a real stunner that measures 6mm and weighs an impressive 1.15 carats. This gem is like a piece of nature's magic right at your fingertips. What makes it so awesome is how it's cut. When you look at it from the top, it unveils a dazzling blue teal hue that's simply delightful. But wait, there's more! When you check it out from the back, you'll see those cool green tones coming to life, creating a magical mix that brings out this awesome teal colour. When the light hits this gem, it's like a tiny fireworks show – seriously mesmerizing. This gem is not just big in size, it's big on charm. Whether you're dreaming of creating a piece of jewellery that's the talk of the town or something more personal, this Montana Teal Sapphire Round gemstone is here to make it happen. So, let your creativity flow and let this gem be your muse for something truly special. It's here to turn your jewellery dreams into reality.

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