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Exquisite Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Radiant Cut 7 x 5mm

Exquisite Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Radiant Cut 7 x 5mm

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Elevate your jewellery collection with the breath-taking beauty of our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire. This remarkable gem, measuring 7 x 5mm and weighing 0.97 carats, boasts an enchanting pink hue that exudes elegance and charm. What makes this gem truly special is its Radiant Cut. Meticulously crafted by experts, this cut ensures that your sapphire sparkles with an irresistible radiance. Its facets come to life, scattering light in the most dazzling way, making it a gem that's impossible to look away from. Our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire is "eye clean," which means it's virtually free from any visible imperfections. You'll enjoy a clear, unobstructed view of its stunning pink hue, making it the perfect gem to brighten your day. Whether you're thinking of using this gem for an engagement ring, a pendant, or too add to your gem collection, its timeless charm and exquisite craftsmanship will add a touch of luxury to any occasion. Make it a part of your story today.

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