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Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: 7mm Trillion Cut

Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: 7mm Trillion Cut

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Introducing Our Captivating Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Trillion Cut. This 7mm gem with a depth of 4.64mm and a weight of 1.90 carats is a radiant addition to your collection. The intense magenta hue makes a bold statement, adding glamour to any ensemble. Examining the images which are taken under 10x magnification, you'll notice inclusions in this gem. However, with the naked eye, only a subtle white mark in the bottom left corner is visible. Far from diminishing its beauty, these inclusions enhance the eye-catching colour, making our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire truly unique. More than a jewellery piece, it's a conversation starter – perfect for a stunning pendant or a ring that demands attention. Don't miss the chance to make this radiant beauty a part of your story. Elevate your style and let the captivating allure of our Trillion-cut Pink Sapphire speak for itself.

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