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Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Diamond Cut Round 4.5mm

Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Diamond Cut Round 4.5mm

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Prepare to be enchanted by the sheer allure of our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire. This gem, measuring 4.5mm in diameter and weighing 0.49 carats, is a true delight that promises to leave a lasting impression. First and foremost, its soft pink hue is irresistibly attractive. It's the kind of pink that radiates a sense of gentle elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Thanks to its masterful Diamond Cut, this gem boasts a radiance and sparkle that's simply mesmerizing, creating a breath-taking interplay of light. This Gem has an SI clarity, meaning that under 10x magnification, slight inclusions can be seen. These subtle imperfections add character and depth to the gem, making it truly unique. This gem strikes the perfect balance between being large enough to make a lasting impression and small enough for everyday wear. It's a versatile choice that can effortlessly elevate your style while retaining an air of understated elegance.

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