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Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire Radiant cut 7.8 x 6mm

Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire Radiant cut 7.8 x 6mm

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Discover the allure of our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire in a mesmerizing Radiant cut, weighing 1.30ct and measuring 7.8 x 6 with a mere 2.4mm depth. What sets this gem apart is its remarkable value – the expansive table size, (the part of the gem visible once set), far exceeds the weight, offering an exceptional deal. As with any treasure, there's a trade-off – a window in the centre, granting transparency. To counter this we recommend a polished closed-back setting. This not only minimizes the window effect but also maximizes the gem's sparkle by bouncing light back through the stone. Dive into the rich, deep pink hue enveloping the edges, gradually transitioning to delicate tones in the centre. This unique coloration adds a touch of sophistication, making this Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire an exquisite choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary. Elevate your collection with a gem that combines value and captivating hues in a radiant dance of light.

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