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Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Round Cut 5.5mm

Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire: Round Cut 5.5mm

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Get ready to be awestruck by our Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire, measuring a generous 5.5mm and weighing a substantial 0.88 carats. This gem is a true stunner that's bound to grab your attention. From the first glance, its deep purply pink hue is simply captivating. It's the kind of pink that adds a touch of regal charm to your jewellery, making it perfect for any occasion. Thanks to the expert Diamond Cut, this gem shines brilliantly, creating a dazzling play of light that's truly breath-taking. This Gem has SI clarity, which means that under 10x magnification, you may spot slight inclusions, providing a glimpse into its unique character and individuality. This gem is bold and beautiful, striking the perfect balance between being a true showstopper and being versatile enough to be worn every day. Elevate your style with our stunning Sri Lankan Pink Sapphire. Don't miss the opportunity to make it a part of your collection today and experience its captivating beauty and timeless allure.

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